​​​​TEAM registration deadline is March 17, 2018 to qualify for a TEAM shirt.

  • Teams are made up of 6 or more paid participants.
  •  Team members can participate in any of the 3 events:  K, 12K or 1/2 Marathon.  
  • 1/4  Mile and 1 Mile participants do not get shirts and do not qualify for team shirts.
  • Teams are formed for fun and for fund raising  -not for competition in time or distance
  • Each member will have a custom Run Rocklin t-shirt with the Team Name on the upper back of the t-shirt  if they register on a team by March 17, 2018.
  • Participants can join a team after the March 17, 2018 deadline for team fund raising. 
  • Participant joining a team after the March 17th deadline will receive an event shirt but not a team event shirt.

Let Run Rocklin Help Your Organization Raise Funds

School TEAMS

  • All schools are eligible.
  • Prize money is awarded to the three biggest teams.
  • Prize money is based on paid participant team members
  • You can team build right up until race day (team shirt deadlines apply for a team shirt).
  • Schools are considered Non Profits so if a school team has 20 or more members Run Rocklin will give back to the team $5 for each paid team member.

Fitness TEAMS

  • All fitness organizations, fitness trainers, training groups, running clubs and others promoting health, fitness and wellness are eligible to form a team and compete for prize money.
  • Prize money is awarded to the three biggest teams
  • Prize money is based on paid participant team members
  • You can team build right up until race day (team shirt deadlines apply for a team shirt).

Non Profits or TEAMS that Partner with a Non Profit.

  • Form a team of 20 or more paid participants and receive a $5.00 donation per paid participant from Run Rocklin.
  • 30 or more paid participants gets a donation plus a free expo spot on Sunday. 
  • Call Larry Osborne, Race Director at 997-1808 to learn more.

Corporate Wellness TEAMS

  • Many companies have identified Run Rocklin as their yearly corporate wellness event - motivating their employees to stay healthy and support each other on the corporate team. 
  • Your corporate wellness team could partner with a favorite local Non Profit and Run Rocklin will make a $5 per paid participant donation on your behalf if your team has 20 or more paid participants.
  • We can offer Run Rocklin posters and registration forms to be available for marketing at your site. 

Please contact Larry Osborne, Race Director at cell 997-1808 for more information and coordination.

TEAMS  =  Have fun racing with your friends, family, or colleagues!
In the past teams have been formed by schools, neighbors, workout buddies, friends, co-workers, fundraisers, etc.

A TEAM Story...

At Pau.er Fitness we are way more than just a fitness studio.  We want to help in the community anyway that we can.  We have participated in Run Rocklin since we have been open in 2015.  Each year we encourage our members to join our team.  It motivates them to try something new, set a goal and get passed plateaus.  Being part of a team creates a  sense of "family" and Pau.er Fitness is definitely a #fitfam.  Our team has grown each year.    In 2017 $5.00 of each team members registration fee was paid forward to a nonprofit selected by Jamee Pau the owner of Pau.er Fitness.    Jamee selected ataxia.org in honor of here father who suffered from Ataxia and passed away in 2015

Run Rocklin and the Pau.er Fitness team have a strong sense of family and community and we are looking forward to Run Rocklin 2018.

Jamee Pau, Owner

Pau.er Fitness

TEAM Challenges

Biggest School Team

 1st Place $300
 2nd Place $200
 3rd Place $100

TEAM Challenges

Biggest Fitness Team

 1st Place $300
 2nd Place $200
 3rd Place $100

2017 TEAMS Included:

All The Way Fit
Are we there yet?
Breen Bobcats
Fleet Feet Racing FolsomRoseville
Granite Oaks Phys Ed
Kaia FIT

Orangetheory Fitness Rocklin
Placer County DAs Office
Placer County Probation
Rocklin Academy Gateway
Rocklin High School
Rocklin PD
Whitney High School
Achieve IT
CU MandaRUN 2017
FROGs St Matthew Lutheran Ch
Lady Outlaws
Liberty Mutual Rocklin United
Mind Over Miles
Pau.er Fitness by Jamee Pau
River Oak Center for Children
Rock Creek Red Hawks
Rocklin Academy Meyers
Rocklin Junior Thunder
Roseville PD RCT
RosevilleRocklin SWAT
Spring View Middle School
Sunset Ranch Coyotes
Team Cobblestone
Team Del Oro High School
Team Panda
Team RES
The few The strong Auburn CHP
Together We Go the Distance
Will Run For French Fries